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Farming God's Way

From Bill Meacham / IHN Agriculture Ministry:

We just returned from our third mission trip to Uganda. In His Name is partnering with Passion Christian Ministries (PCM) to help provide health care for the poor and for children with malnutrition issues.  We are also working with PCM to help provide agriculture education to the farmers in the villages. 

The agriculture focus of our recent trip began the implementation of ‘Farming God’s Way’ in the villages and to train the trainers.  ‘Farming God’s Way’ is a bible based method of farming that began in South Africa.  It incorporates 6 Biblical Keys with 4 Management Keys and 5 Technology Keys.  It teaches farmers how to come out of poverty with what God has put in their hands.  It also teaches farmers that the first step to this journey out of poverty begins in their heart with a relationship with Jesus!

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Mr. Wence (Senior Teacher) while in Uganda.  He is one of the top agriculture teachers in Uganda and leads Passion’s Agriculture Ministry.   

For centuries, Uganda has been one of the most poverty-stricken countries in Africa with low standards of living, high levels of undernourishment, high infant mortality rates, diseases and poor education.  80% of the farmers struggle to produce enough food to feed their own family.

However, Uganda has great resources and potential from an agriculture perspective.  They have good soils with excellent yield potential.  They get good annual rainfall and their climate is ideal for growing crops.  Being located on the equator gives them the ability to grow crops year around.  Uganda has been referred to as the “Bread Basket” of Africa. 

I am extremely excited to see how God is going to use ‘Farming God’s Way’ to change agriculture production in Uganda! To learn more about Farming God’s Way, check out the link below.

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