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Farming God's Way--Planting Seeds of Faith

Farming God’s Way provides sustainable farming practices that help the poor increase their food production for their families and also helps to free them from the yoke of poverty. Malnutrition in children in Africa is extremely high. Farming God’s Way helps reduce malnutrition in these areas and it also opens the door for God to provide spiritual nourishment to the people as well.

A group of farmers in the Ugandan village of Kiwoko, have implemented Farming God’s Way practices. Recently, one of the farmers, Frank, was working in his garden beside a busy road. A person passing by stopped and asked Frank what kind of farming he was doing? Frank told the man that it was called Farming God’s Way.

The Muslim man introduced himself and said that he had never heard of Farming God’s Way. Frank gave the man an overview of Farming God’s Way and the Technology, Management and Biblical Keys. The professor became very interested and opened up about his own farming operation. He shared with Frank that he has farmers on his land but they are about to give up and quit because their yields continue to decrease each year. The man said that he would like for them to try Farming God’s Way.

Frank committed to introduce this man to the Farming God’s Way teachers and help these farmers try Farming God’s Way before they give up on farming. God is using this method of farming to open the door to those who don’t know Him so He can provide them with better physical nourishment, but most importantly spiritual nourishment and a personal relationship with his son Jesus!

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